Student / New Grads

When getting started, you have a lot of options. Making the right decision is important. We can make your decision easy with our intern program and early-career jobs that give you both responsibility and room to grow. Expect challenging and meaningful work assignments with a focus on solving customer challenges. In fact, our interns and new grads often tell us they learn more in a few months with Polycom than in an entire year at school.

You will benefit from:

  - Hands-on experience

  - Real-world professional guidance

  - Opportunities to network with executive staff, leaders and experts around the world through video conferencing

  - Social events and collaborative team projects

Join our team
working with people
What I love most about interning at Polycom is the people I get to work with. I think that's most important in any job. But other than that, definitely the technology and the fact that we make it and we use itówe actually have video conferences with each other every day.